74.365.2015 Play Day

It was beautiful outside today! We took a portion of the day and did head shots for Target folks that had been laid off. It was great to see people I know in one way, but not great in another! So I cheered myself up by having a second Starbucks. 🙂 

Then when Mary and her friends arrived, we sat outside at the firepit for awhile before making dinner. Tonight we played the Logo Game which lasted forever! 

73.365.2015 Beer, Dogs and Mary

It’s a busy weekend! Dave and I volunteered today for Finnegan’s by pushing product at Costco. It wasn’t as easy as I thought! 

This afternoon, the pooches and I enjoyed the sun for awhile in the backyard. It was a gorgeous day. 

And then tonight, we met up for dinner and the casino with Mary and her friends that are in town. And I used my selfie-stick!! WOOT!