69.365.2015 Worst Day

Cheers to the 1700 friends who lost their jobs today at #Target. They were graceful, full of character and had the most resilient attitudes. I learned more from them in 20 minutes than I’ve learned in 15 years. I shed tears; I’ll shed more. Onward in this crazy life with a 2008 Far Niente Cab. 

That was my post on Instagram. I can’t believe how hard today was… And how crazy. I lost so many team members and friends. So many people that were amazing and had bright careers ahead of them… And still do. I’ve never felt so upset in all my career. I’m crying as I type this. Please pray for these people. 

I love you all. 

48.365.2015 Offsites and Tweets

I held an offsite today for my Comm team so that we can make some positive store changes this year. We had a great day! I tweeted a photo of them plus a commitment to stores and already have 215 likes and over a hundred retweets. I think stores like it. 🙂

IMG_0220 And then I made a new chicken dinner tonight… A bit off recipe and I think it was amazing! Plus roasted veggies. YUM.