62.365.2015 Day One DTL

Today was the first day of our DTL meeting. It’s been fun so far and good to see old friends. However, while there is an exciting future for Target ahead, it will be hard based on our announcement of “thousands” of layoffs at HQ. I have no idea any details, but it’s a time that we need to focus on what we can control. So, in happy news, here are my boys! 

61.365.2015 OTF

This week is kinda crazy! We have our DTLs and other field leaders in town. I’m involved in a full day of training which will be fun, but exhausting. Then there are dinners and HHs. So I was happy to work out tonight and get out some nervous energy! I made it through the whole workout and burned 980 calories! 

Also, we lost one of my team members today to cancer. She’d been battling it for years and fought an amazing fight. She was 31. Take this as a reminder to hug your loved ones and tell them how important they are!