11.365.2014 Seahawks

After dropping Dave off at the airport, Diohgé and I headed to the dog park. He ran and played with Lucy for hours.



This afternoon we headed to MMZ’s for some Seahawk’s viewing. Let’s just say that I know why Meghann fears for her life. Mark is quite emotional during those games! But Zara and I had a ton of fun. She’s a crawler now!


280.365.2013 My First Date with Zara

Today was my first day in the new job… Craziness ensued. More to come.

However, today was also my first date with Zara!! I got the opportunity to babysit tonight instead of forcing my ears to bleed by listening to Jack Johnson. I definitely took Zara and Chef.

She slept most of the time and I was forced to hold her (big problem :D). She didn’t want me to put her down! It’s amazing what you can learn to do one handed. And it’s amazing how your gag reflex goes away after picking up so much dog poop. (Wow Zara!)

And a little video after she was “feeling better.”

I didn’t really get to see this boy. 😦


271.365.2013 Productivity!

Productivity on a Saturday is rare. Well,
at least for me. Usually I like to clean up the house a bit, but relax with some coffee in the morning and wine at night.

BUT, we needed to start packing and finish the de-cluttering of the house… 35 boxes later, I’m feeling pretty good! The guest room, most of the master bedroom, the linen closet, the living room, portions of the kitchen and bathrooms are done! More tomorrow…


Then we got a chance to see baby Zara and her new house. So much fun!


And doggy-boy was dreaming of playing fetch. I wonder why…


251.365.2013 An Aspiring Model

We met up with PK and Susie to do a little photo shoot of Fiona. She was the cutest little model! Smiling… Always looking at the camera… Laying back relax style…


When we picked up the pooch, we took him for a end of summer DQ treat. He really loves ice cream!


237.365.2013 Brunch

The McCallister’s came over this morning for brunch. We had a great time… Mimosas, gluten-free wheat-free pancakes, egg casserole, Bloody Mary’s. Yum!


We had a little 4 month old photo shoot with Zara… Reflector disc and all.


After they went home, pooch and I needed some naps.


It’s so hot here… Almost 100 degrees so we just relaxed and Dave got addicted to watching Breaking Amish LA. But we did go on a walk later and it was HOT even at 7 pm.