222.365.2013 Irish Fair and Babies

Today was a blast! We volunteered with Finnegan’s at the Irish Fair. Dave was the resident photographer while I signed up new volunteers and did tattoos.

The best part was when a judge for the cocktail contest didn’t show up and I “had” to fill in! So, I get to “volunteer” by tasting 12 cocktails made with Finnegan’s? Okay! They were delightful!



Enjoying a little Jameson flight with a new friend.


Finally, after several long years, our friends the McCallisters moved to town! We are so excited to have them close by… And we got to meet our niece Zara! She’s very cute and well behaved.


Diohgé joined us, but he and Chef weren’t besties. So he wanted to go home and sleep.


187.365.2013 Birthdays and Baptisms

After a relaxing morning of coffee and internets, Diohgé and I made our way down to Farmington. It was Claire’s 2nd birthday and Greta got baptized tonight.

Diohgé and Bailey have a staring contest.


I was really excited for my 24-70 lens to NOT WORK. No matter what I tried, it didn’t. But my 50mm wasn’t so shabby.


And me with little Greta.


185.365.2013 ‘Merica Baby

4th of July!! A day to celebrate America’s birthday with friends, family and SHOOTING!!

I had so much fun shooting today… A couple of us went to a range in Prior Lake and shot through 2 courses of clay pigeons. Super fun for my first time! I ended at 40%, which I didn’t think was so bad.



After taking a short nap, Diohgé and I went to the Mulhair’s for a great evening with a ton of new friends. And of course some old ones too…



And a gorgeous sunset on the way home.


Now pooch and I are relaxing at home watching some Apple TV movies. 🙂

167.365.2013 Last Day of Vacation

The last day of vacation… Sad. But it was a good day!!

We started out at the dog park again. Only an hour… It was hot and even the pooch didn’t want to play much. Shade!!


Then we headed down to Steve and Jaci’s for a BBQ. We had a blast! Everyone was there and I got to hold little Greta for like 90 mins. She’s adorbs!


Tonight we got home in time to enjoy a little True Blood premiere!!