Day 362

We love the fenced in backyard for Diohgé to play in… Dave and I put on our North Face boots and went outside to play a rousing game of fetch with the pup. Instead, he played a rousing game of “come get me!”  But it was fun for photos!

I love the sun spot and his gallop

Come get me!

Why aren't you chasing me?

Photos taken with: Canon 60D (testing it… 🙂 )

Day 301

Do you remember puppy treadmill from earlier this year? Well, tonight, we had double puppy treadmill. It’s a great way to exercise the pooches. Bailey is back staying with us for awhile. She’s not a huge fan of Diohgé, but then again, she’s not a huge fan of any other dog either. We’ll see how that goes…


Bailey the Blur



Wait for it... wait for it...



Where is it?


Photos taken with: iPhone 4

Day 101


Jump Bailey!

So, we walked up to the area right outside of our development to shoot some photos. There is this great lake, tree, swampy area that I thought would make for some great shots. Its my first day without a “challenge” in over a month! We took Bailey with us and she LOVED it. Even though I took over 200 photos of nature, wildflowers and the swampy areas, I still end up posting a photo of the dog.

I couldn’t resist this shot!

Photo taken with: Nikon D700, Tamron 28-300VR

Day 61

B is for Bailey!

Bailey with a "B"

Did you think that I WASN’T going to post another picture of Bailey when I had the letter B today!? “B” is for Bailey who has a “B” on her collar (diamonds, no less). She is also playing with a Ball which one could say is being held by her Bi$#&. Well… maybe that’s a stretch.

Photo taken with: iPhone 3GS, processed with CameraBag – Magazine Filter