3.365.2014 Housewarming and Beer

Tonight we visited the King’s for some pizza and beer. The Hagen’s joined us as well. We tried some Bourbon beers from Widmer that were amazing. The 2011 was the best.


The King’s were great hosts with fun food, good drinks and games of skill.
We had a lot of fun. Thanks Rose and Patrick!


346.365.2013 Holiday Celebrations

Today was a day of fun and Holiday celebrations. First, my mom got us tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Last Christmas Eve show. It was great… Fun music, lights, pyrotechnics…



Then Dave and I went to dinner at Eat Shop in Plymouth. I joined the Beer Club so I could get more beer for less money.


Last, but definitely not least, we went to the Kemmetmueller’s for a Holiday Minute to Win It party. Fun, food, drinks and prizes!!! Dave playing stack the cups (but I won!!).


The pooch was at their house all day and he is exhausted! He curled right up on Bailey’s blanket and went to sleep.


347.365.2013 Long Island

I’m traveling for work in Long Island today and tomorrow. It’s been good getting out to see stores post-Holiday. And of course I get to have dinner and new places… Brew Haus! Sampler…


And I missed this pooch today. It snowed back home several inches and I know Diohgé loved the snow.