26.365.2014 Travel

Today we celebrated Max’s second birthday. We enjoyed some Donato’s pizza and a really fun Thomas the tank Engine cake. He was a lot of fun whipping through his presents and trying to stop and play with just one of them. And he did so good at blowing out his candle!


Then we headed up to Columbus for our flight home which I was convinced was going to be delayed and/or cancelled. Well it wasn’t! The captain did tell us that we had a lot of turbulence which always helps my nerves. The ascent was beautiful!


About an hour in I noticed that we started to veer to a different direction and change altitude lower. The captain confirmed when he came on and told us that we were landing in Detroit because the engine was losing oil. I surprisingly stayed super calm. The lady beside us had a panic attack and literally was moved to the front. Either way, we landed safely.


Now we are waiting patiently to get a new plane and a new crew. Unfortunately, the crew arrived, but our second plane also had a mechanical issue that couldn’t be resolved. So on to a 3rd plane. We waited about 2-3 hours total. Oh yeah, and we had this lovely fire alarm too. What I find interesting is that no one got up and moved.

But we just landed and all is okay! We even got a little liquor for free on the flight. Baby needed that with the turbulence. 🙂

25.365.2014 Kids!

I woke up this morning to the sounds of 3 monkeys running around my moms house and her yelling, “Be quiet! Uncle David is sleeping!” So naturally, I ignored it for about 20 mins and then got up.

We played a TON today. Sam was so funny, “Will you play a game with me!?” And it was usually hide & seek, throw the ball in his face or wrestle. But I did have fun with all 3. The kids counting:


Hiding in Nammie’s shower while Dave tried to find us:


I found the perfect superhero capes for each of them. So after I bribed them for a photo, they got this present. The next two hours was running around and playing chase/hide & seek. Max’s favorite was when one of us carried him and scared the other two kids.


Now off to bed so we can play more tomorrow.

4.365.2014 Cleaning

After a nice long morning of sleeping in, the pup and I got ready and headed to the dog park. He played with his girl Lucy and then we all left. It was pretty busy because the impending cold wave.


Then we drove to get gas and a car wash. The guy in front of me clearly can’t read directions and had to back all the way out a couple of times. When we finally went in, Diohgé was not happy. He came to the front seat with me…



Tonight Dave and I had dinner and went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to celebrate Jen’s birthday. It was a good movie!

Afterwards, we came home and I took down one Christmas tree. One more to go!

330.365.2013 Socialization

Rock on! We signed a tenant today for the townhome. He is a very social guy, but I just hope he pays rent. 🙂


Then we headed down to Farmington for a 4yr old birthday party. Olivia was very cute and really enjoyed My Little Pony.


Tonight, MBB came over for some stuffed peppers and wine. We enjoyed some time after dinner down at the bar. I was very happy to play bartender. 🙂


Diohgé enjoyed getting lots of attention and kisses from his friend Bailey.


Someone else enjoyed a new spot. (Post beverages, I’ll add.)


310.365.2013 Finished! (Well, almost)

Back to work my minions! After fixing a delightful breakfast in the new kitchen, I sent my crew back in work. Dave and Thom went to the townhome to collect some more things. Mary and I finished the remaining boxes and hung up some drapes. Quite fun! Now all we have left is the office and stereo equipment… So excited!

This afternoon we went over to the Kemmetmueller’s to celebrate Beth’s birthday and get ready for the Vikings game with the Packers.


Bailey gave Diohgé a housewarming gift. Lots of outside toys for the new backyard!


They are going to cuddle tonight while we’re all at the game.


There was a lot of planning of accessories for the game tonight. Matthew wins the prize for most crazy and Mary really enjoyed it.


Tradition is this…


And finally, the game!!


259.365.2013 Happy Birthday Dave!

Woo hoo!! Such a day of celebrations!!

First, Diohgé had such a great day at daycare. He was so tuckered that he could barely stand up in the car to look out the window.


Second, THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER! We have an inspection this Wednesday and I am so excited… More to come…

But most importantly, today is Dave’s birthday! Happy 32nd Dave! I’m glad that we could have a really bad cheat day!! (Bread, pizza, wine and ice cream cake!) And I love your new found appreciation for red wine!