We left IN to head home for MN today but made a quick pit stop at Papa Ron’s to help with a phone issue. This ice sculpture was out front… Loved it!


Then my favorite gift this Christmas was a new camera from Dave! A Polaroid z340… Old style prints, but is also digital! It’s just something fun to play with… Well, the power cord didn’t work. So PhotoJoJo being so magical shipped me a whole new camera and even gift wrapped it. Amaze-balls!


Day 203

It Runs in the Family

The Collection

The Original

My Original

How fun is this!? I brought home my dad’s old cameras that were at the house. He sure had a collection! I’m not actually sure that he used all of these or if he collected some. I know that the Pentax with the amazing 70s strap was his. Note second picture with him using it! Clearly, photography runs in the family.

Dad also got mom into photography… bought her a couple of cameras, new lenses, etc. Sara also now has a nice camera and is getting to learn how to shoot the kids FAST while they are moving. 🙂

Also, while I was home, we were looking through old photos. My mom has been hiding one book from me all of my life… ( 🙂 ) And guess what I found! MY first camera! I couldn’t believe it… How fun!

Photo taken with: Nikon D700, Nikon 18-35mm f/3.5