We went to visit the Halls of Mankato today (old friends from Columbus/college). The kids and Diohgé had a great time playing chase…. As long as he had a stick, he would run all day. 🙂




And of course, I got to meet Miss Katelyn…


Oh! And I had my first fall Starbucks drink… Salted Caramel Mocha. Yum.


Day 362

We love the fenced in backyard for Diohgé to play in… Dave and I put on our North Face boots and went outside to play a rousing game of fetch with the pup. Instead, he played a rousing game of “come get me!”  But it was fun for photos!

I love the sun spot and his gallop

Come get me!

Why aren't you chasing me?

Photos taken with: Canon 60D (testing it… 🙂 )