17.365.2014 TGIF

OMG. What a week. I’m so happy it’s over. So tonight Dave and I went to celebrate by having dinner at Jake’s. When we got home the pooch was excited to play. He was also excited to rip apart his toys.


I also had fun today when Katie Pretzel dropped off an ornament from a 2011 Christmas party. We placed a wish in it and I just opened it up. The wish didn’t come true, but I like the fun of this!


359.365.2013 Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful day!! We had so much fun…

Pancakes, bacon and cappuccino.
Dog park with the crew.


Snow blowed the driveway. Got ready.
Opened presents from Santa!!



The over to the MMZs for Christmas dinner. Great wine, great dinner and fun company, and a lot of wine!



Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

357.365.2013 Getting It All Done!

I woke up today with a major urge to get everything for Christmas all done and ready… And I did!!

– Shopped all morning: groceries for Christmas Eve, last minute presents.
– Went to lunch with Dave
– Worked a bit… Text, phone, email.
– Hit up 3 wine stores all for different reasons!
– Baked more (and way better) Snickerdoodles and Sugar cookies. I even had fun shapes!
– Made baked potato dip.
– Cut up salad for tomorrow.
– Finished laundry
– Wrapped loads of presents!

So happy…


Pooch figuring out I had bacon…


And the best find of the day! We got this for free at the Liquor store. First, one guy told us $5 (deal!) and then the guy at the register said free once he saw our cart. 🙂


347.365.2013 Sunday Funday

After a long morning relaxing, we got ready and went outside to shovel the drive way. It was a little hard to do, so we busted out the snow blower. It was fun!!

It didn’t quite pick everything up because it’s so compacted, but it did a good job overall.

I also finally had a chance to get my Christmas cards ready. In the mail tomorrow!


Diohgé helped lick the envelopes. Well, he was clearly too preoccupied.