18.365.2014 Iron Chef

I had a really fun day! I woke up to the sound of a neighbor snow blowing. So I got up, had some coffee and then headed out to snow blow our drive way. I also did the driveways of two other neighbors who have helped us in the past. That felt good! The pooch watched me from his perch the entire time.


Then I went out for a haircut and grocery shopping. This evening we headed over to the King’s for our Iron Chef dinner. They made an amazing braised chicken.


And of course I had some yummy wine. It was a great time with friends and we had a great day!


345.365.2013 Snow Friends

Meh. It was a great day… Busy recapping Black Friday. Busy in meetings. Busy on conference calls. And then it began to snow. And snow harder. It was really coming down. I had to get out of dodge. I can’t handle stupid traffic so I left and came home to work.


The our friends Matthew & Rob came over for dinner tonight to discuss all things decorating, vacations, and other fun. We had a great dinner and some great drinks.


The pooch was so tired tonight. He’s saying good bye to our friends and getting some love.


302.365.2013 GSD, Homestyle

Well, another day of GSD. Today was the home version. First, Steve and Jaci came to visit and Steve fixed our 3 toilets. The awesome part is that he saved me $400 on new ones!! So excited. While he did that, I packed the pantry and rest of kitchen.

Then pooch and I went to the DP. Interestingly, he wanted to herd the other two border collies who were herding each other. Kind of funny!


Since I finished packing up the kitchen tonight, we now are on “eat out for the rest of the week” mode. This is not going to be good.