239.365.2013 Progress

We had our measurements tonight during Fawnercise. The actual tape measure portion was interesting… I’m bulking up in places, but haven’t really lost inches in my stomach. I guess that’s why I’m not dropping numbers on the scale… Because I’m adding heavier muscle!

We also measure by going through about 15 exercises for a minute each… How many can we do in that minute. I killed all of my previous! Burpees are horrid and we did so many that Fawn said she wouldn’t make us test on them again.

We also have a house guest this week. Yamar often let’s Diohgé sleep over so it’s nice to return the favor. They are still figuring each other out. So Diohgé was guarding his bowl while Yamar found a place to camp.




Today was so fun!! I started out by kicking off the “Meet the Bullseye” event where freshman and sophomores in college come to learn about Target. And of course I needed to take their photo. Don’t you love all the smiles?


This afternoon about 100 of my team and I went and volunteered at the Second Hand Harvest. We packed pasta, sunflower seeds, labeled cans and palletized the results. Over 16 thousands pounds of food served over 13 thousand meals!!


And tonight the pooch was guarding us while we exercised. A very serious task.



I feel like I was on fire today! Healthy crazy good… I started out with a little change in breakfast by having an English Muffin w peanut butter. And then had a ton if fruit for dinner. Yum.


And after training, I came home and the pooch and I were playing while I was exercising. He was a bit confused.


All this in prep for a 5K on Saturday with Mary! It’s like we could run all the way to Chicago! It could be a photo finish.