19.365.2014 Dogs Love Football

Well, today was fun. I slept in, had some coffee, pulled the fender off the front of my car. Yep. So happy. Can’t wait for that bill. I seriously think the worst thing about this house is the garage/driveway combo area.

Anyways, we did have a great time with Matthew, Beth and Bailey. The dogs played inside and outside. We ate a lot of delicious bad food. And had some yummy wine. Of course all while watching the Broncos crush the Patriots. Now the Seahawks are coming back!



11.365.2014 Seahawks

After dropping Dave off at the airport, Diohgé and I headed to the dog park. He ran and played with Lucy for hours.



This afternoon we headed to MMZ’s for some Seahawk’s viewing. Let’s just say that I know why Meghann fears for her life. Mark is quite emotional during those games! But Zara and I had a ton of fun. She’s a crawler now!