39.365.2014 Travel Stories

Today was nice to sleep in a bit and then take a nap mid day. The dogs (we’re watching Xander) had fun playing ball and going to the park.


Tonight we went over to MMZ’s for some dinner and shared our travel stories. It sounds like Mark had a blast traveling with Zara. 🙂


31.365.2014 The Last Supper

Today was prep day… Finish up email, give the team instructions, laundry, pack. I was excited to come home and Dave had already done the laundry. AND the TV was finally mounted on the fireplace!! Woo hoo!

I was able to pack and take a nap before we headed out to dinner at Bar La Grassa. First time there and it was yummy! Here are the leftovers:


So I called this my last supper before I go to India. I’m a bit nervous about my possibilities of food.

And the pooch only had leftovers of his treat too!


30.365.2014 Friends

Today was a blast. It was our annual Leadership Summit where we hear about last year and our focuses for next year. It’s also fun to reconnect with friends in the organization that you haven’t seen for awhile.

That’s why it was a blast to go to drinks with this lady and our friend Jill to celebrate birthdays.


Them it was fun to come home and play with this boy. I’ve missed him this week!


18.365.2014 Iron Chef

I had a really fun day! I woke up to the sound of a neighbor snow blowing. So I got up, had some coffee and then headed out to snow blow our drive way. I also did the driveways of two other neighbors who have helped us in the past. That felt good! The pooch watched me from his perch the entire time.


Then I went out for a haircut and grocery shopping. This evening we headed over to the King’s for our Iron Chef dinner. They made an amazing braised chicken.


And of course I had some yummy wine. It was a great time with friends and we had a great day!


11.365.2014 Seahawks

After dropping Dave off at the airport, Diohgé and I headed to the dog park. He ran and played with Lucy for hours.



This afternoon we headed to MMZ’s for some Seahawk’s viewing. Let’s just say that I know why Meghann fears for her life. Mark is quite emotional during those games! But Zara and I had a ton of fun. She’s a crawler now!


5.365.2014 Dinner Party

Let me tell you… I was productive today! I woke up, took down the second tree, cleaned up the rest of the Christmas stuff, put it all away, cleaned the house and then headed for the dog park… All by 11!

Yes, it was -5 out and -23 windchill. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great. The dog loved it!


This afternoon I cleaned up a bit more and got ready to have friends over for dinner. One old friend and he introduced us to someone new. We had a blast!


Now off to bed to try and stay warm before the -60 windchill weather tomorrow.

4.365.2014 Cleaning

After a nice long morning of sleeping in, the pup and I got ready and headed to the dog park. He played with his girl Lucy and then we all left. It was pretty busy because the impending cold wave.


Then we drove to get gas and a car wash. The guy in front of me clearly can’t read directions and had to back all the way out a couple of times. When we finally went in, Diohgé was not happy. He came to the front seat with me…



Tonight Dave and I had dinner and went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to celebrate Jen’s birthday. It was a good movie!

Afterwards, we came home and I took down one Christmas tree. One more to go!