I had been told that someone would help me cut up a pineapple. Unfortunately, they were REAL busy playing candy crush. So, they didn’t. I hate it when people do that, don’t you!? Either way, I learned how to do it tonight. So juicy!


The pooch picks out a toy from his bin. He’s funny because we can hide his favorites and he digs to find them. He definitely knows what he wants!



I feel like I was on fire today! Healthy crazy good… I started out with a little change in breakfast by having an English Muffin w peanut butter. And then had a ton if fruit for dinner. Yum.


And after training, I came home and the pooch and I were playing while I was exercising. He was a bit confused.


All this in prep for a 5K on Saturday with Mary! It’s like we could run all the way to Chicago! It could be a photo finish.

Day 182

The Love of Friends…

A way to your heart

Throughout this entire ordeal, our family has been showered with love from friends and family. Whether it be through Facebook encouragement, cards in the mail, phone calls and text messages or pop in visits, we have been shown nothing but the best. There is even one couple who have been mowing dad’s lawn every week for months. (They are amazing!)

Our church is dropping off meals every other night… and they have been fantastic! Friends and family have brought over groceries, breakfast bagels, fruit and even gift cards to places. This yummy fruit arrangement arrived today and was almost consumed within several hours. My sister and I swear that we’ve lost weight on our “cookie and coffee diet”. 🙂

To all of you… Thank you for your love, friendship, encouragement and shoulders. We have all been overwhelmed by the support. We’ve laughed, cried, vented and prayed with you. When its your turn for help, we’ll be there… first in line. (And of course while I type, “Stand by Me” is playing in dad’s room… how appropriate.)

Photo taken with: Nikon D700, Nikon 60mm f/2.8