358.365.2013 Christmas Eve

I had a great day today for Christmas Eve! We woke up and had cappuccino, cinnamon rolls and bacon. Then we headed out to the dog park in the negative degree weather. Pooch still ran around and had a blast!


This afternoon we got ready for our Eve dinner party with the McCallisters. And we delivered a Christmas treat to our neighbors.


Meghann and Zara picked us up and we went to Christmas Eve service. It was very nice!


We had a great dinner… I’m still so full! Ham and all of the fixings… Of course some delicious wine. And Diohgé had some of his own good food too.



The McCallister’s went home and Zara zonked out… Otherwise Santa won’t come!


Merry Christmas Eve!

355.365.2013 Shopping, Day One

I had an urgent need to get things done today… Those things were shopping! But, I was woken up by the pooch around 7 to go potty. I decided I should probably get my work phone and bring it back to bed “just in case”.

7:45… Text from EVP.
8:00… Text from SVP (boss)
8:10… Call from Technology partner. Okay, I’m up!

The next 3 hours was texting, calling and emailing for work. That’s what happens when your CEO issues a video about giving 10% off this weekend. All in all, it was good!

After getting ready and organizing my list, we headed out for a shop. First, we hit World Market to pick up a chair for our sitting room. Diohgé loves it!


Then we hit West Elm to pick up a side table and of course, Target. And let me tell you… Two carts and a lot of discounts later! (Coupons, Target coupons, Cartwheel, team member discount, Pharmacy 5%, extra 10%, Red Card 5% and mobile coupons!) I saved over $300!!

Tonight we attended the Kemmetmueller Christmas Party (business). It was at Dave and Buster’s and we had a blast! We brought home a lot of swag and had a great time with so many friends.


341.365.2013 Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s here!! Thanksgiving and the kick off to the Black Friday weekend!!

We started off by commissioning our new Nespresso. Ben stopped by to try some as well. It was easy and delicious!


Then we got ready and headed over to the Kemmetmueller’s for dinner. We had a blast with them and their family. Dave left a special present for them (sliced off a chunk of his finger!). Diohgé had a great time with Bailey and really enjoyed a Thanksgiving bone.




Now on to the shopping and observing!

– Walmart: disaster as always.
– Best Buy: fairly organized. I was impressed. I might even go back and get some delights…
– Target: Very organized outside and I got to see some friends! The inside was all well organized and moving quickly.


Now some after shopping treats.