This morning I headed out to visit some stores with the Group Dorector in this area. We hit 3 in the Cleveland market and will hit two more tomorrow.

I’m glad I brought this laptop with me. Normally, I don’t do work at home or when I travel but it’s been crazy busy. Without this, I would be so stressed out right now. It’s the little things.


Of course, I needed to face time with the pooch tonight. It’s almost been a week!


Day 192

Packing Again.

Trusty Duffels

I got that call today. We have hours at this point. I quickly packed and am now sitting in Columbus. I was delayed some in the airport which helped me calm down (due to beers…) Either way, I am glad that I’m here now and I can be with the family for when dad’s moment arrives.

Dad’s breathing is very shallow and far and few between. He’s pretty much comatose now. Again, please pray for a quick release. We do believe that it will be in the next several hours. Lots of coffee… I’ll post again soon after.

Photo taken with: Nikon D700, Nikon 50mm f/1.8