21.365.2014 Jets

So I’m off!! Well, I was this morning… Off on the jet to Dallas. My partner and I hit 5 stores today all across the market. We had some great conversation getting to know each other. And great food… He lived here for two years so we had a great dive burger and some Mexican tonight. #fatkid

Here’s a view of the wintry Minneapolis leaving today. We left -14 and landed in 40-50. Nice!!


181.365.2013 Summer is Beautiful

Today was gorgeous! The weather was amazing and everything was beautiful. We went to a parade and the Twins game with friends…



The pooch had a long day too. Day care said he was quite cuddly. He came home and slept the rest of the day.



I was on a little jetty jet trip today. We hit some stores in Milwaukee and northern Chicago. The best part… Lunch at Portillo’s!! I was ecstatic.



It was so nice to fly in over Minneapolis and see the snow. So. Nice.


Pooch and I were holding paws tonight.



I woke up today all a-flutter with a long list of to-dos. When I went downstairs I was greeted by this beautiful sight… Shammie was in full bloom to wish us off to her homeland!


We had to drop off the pooch with our friend Cara… Which when he saw her was so excited and jumped up on her. But he knew what was happening and tried twice to get back into the car. 😦 Then he kept on jumping on us giving us kisses. Broke our hearts!


Once we got to the airport, the nerves went away and we started to relax. One city to the next…


Now we are waiting in the Delta Sky Club for the overnight flight to Dublin. Dinner was actually very good at a place here in the airport.


More to come tomorrow!!