26.365.2014 Travel

Today we celebrated Max’s second birthday. We enjoyed some Donato’s pizza and a really fun Thomas the tank Engine cake. He was a lot of fun whipping through his presents and trying to stop and play with just one of them. And he did so good at blowing out his candle!


Then we headed up to Columbus for our flight home which I was convinced was going to be delayed and/or cancelled. Well it wasn’t! The captain did tell us that we had a lot of turbulence which always helps my nerves. The ascent was beautiful!


About an hour in I noticed that we started to veer to a different direction and change altitude lower. The captain confirmed when he came on and told us that we were landing in Detroit because the engine was losing oil. I surprisingly stayed super calm. The lady beside us had a panic attack and literally was moved to the front. Either way, we landed safely.


Now we are waiting patiently to get a new plane and a new crew. Unfortunately, the crew arrived, but our second plane also had a mechanical issue that couldn’t be resolved. So on to a 3rd plane. We waited about 2-3 hours total. Oh yeah, and we had this lovely fire alarm too. What I find interesting is that no one got up and moved.

But we just landed and all is okay! We even got a little liquor for free on the flight. Baby needed that with the turbulence. 🙂

363.365.2013 It’s Cold Outside

Today was a negative temp day. It never got above zero and the windchill was typically double digit negative.

Have no fear! We put on several layers and made our way out to the dog park mid afternoon. The dogs loved it!


The rest of the day was spent relaxing, moving photos around the computer, watching TV, etc.

331.365.2013 Nature & Shopping

Pooch and I went to the dog park for a bit today. He enjoyed playing ball with Lucy (herding her while she chases it). They also enjoy taking long walks together. 🙂


The lake looked almost like it had a little ice on it.


Then I headed to run several errands and I feel very accomplished. I can’t decide on what to buy for the new sitting room. But I love the World Market selection!


320.365.2013 Long, Relaxing Days

We woke up super early today to catch the sunrise off the beach. We stopped at McDonalds to get some energy and the headed to the park. It was early, but very peaceful and beautiful!


We came back and took naps before our massages. And we were all glad we scheduled massages. So exciting! Afterwards, we just relaxed at the house with an afternoon of naps, computers and pool time.

All day we had been cooking a crock pot delight and it was amazing with the wine we paired. Spicy dinner and sweet sparkling wine. Yum!


This evening, we enjoyed some beverages while playing a little card game. We went through the whole deck!!


I miss my pooch.


303.365.2013 Anticipation

Tomorrow is our closing. I feel anxious. Stressed. Excited. Sad. Hopeful. I can’t wait to start actually moving stuff in.

I relaxed in the morning by killing some Candy Crush – I finally finished all 440 current levels. Then I promptly deleted the game. Must. Stop.


Afterwards, I packed some, threw away some and got ready for tomorrow. We headed out to the arboretum for a little photo shoot… Of us! The fall colors are gorgeous and Diohgé had a fun time breaking the law.


MMMZ invited us over for some dinner since we’re on a take out schedule. Yum! We had to introduce them to Meeker wine as all good friends should.


I think Diohgé will be missing these stairs in a few days. 😦