Day 337

Ok… One last post about my promotion. But, I FINALLY GOT MY OFFICE!! After some time haggling with real estate to find the space and then some construction, I got into my office today! I was able to unpack before the long drive home (snow storm). I LOVE IT!

To clarify too… In the stores, I had an office my entire career. The big milestone was when you got a store to run. At HQ, we all live in cube farms until you get to Director and then you get your own office. 🙂

The name plate...

My desk with view to Peavy Plaza

Another view... I'll clean up the space later

KP… I expect a drive by.

Photos taken with: iPhone 4

Day 27



I love getting new things… And I got some new towels! I know, lame. But I haven’t got new towels in YEARS. And the old ones… well, let’s not talk about that… Super excited to get these… Fieldcrest by Target. Soft, great colors, washable… So excited.

Photo taken by: Nikon D70, Tamron 28-300VR