I had a fun day today with the kids. We went to a big bounce house for another girl’s birthday. It was a blast and I got some great shots. (Those are on my camera still.) Here are some fun ones.

Mom’s Roses


Matt and the kids on the big slide:


Me on the slide:


Me and Maggie (had to tickle her to get this:


Max the little Man:


The clouds on the way home:



Last day with the babes. And I flew out at 3 pm. It was a great week… New baby, offer on the house, sleeping in… I took some photos today of the kids and the new baby. Here are a couple!


Iron Chef Dinner tonight!! We get together with some friends about once a month for a rotating dinner party. Host serves main entree and picks an ingredient for all of us to include. Some bring an app, some bring a dessert. This time the ingredient is Citrus and we have dessert. After spending some quality time on Pinterest this week, I found this great recipe for a Lemon Blueberry cupcake. YUM. Here are some shots in the process and the final product!