271.365.2013 Productivity!

Productivity on a Saturday is rare. Well,
at least for me. Usually I like to clean up the house a bit, but relax with some coffee in the morning and wine at night.

BUT, we needed to start packing and finish the de-cluttering of the house… 35 boxes later, I’m feeling pretty good! The guest room, most of the master bedroom, the linen closet, the living room, portions of the kitchen and bathrooms are done! More tomorrow…


Then we got a chance to see baby Zara and her new house. So much fun!


And doggy-boy was dreaming of playing fetch. I wonder why…


264.365.2013 So It Begins…

Well, it had to start some time. Now at least I feel productive and will probably get the urge to continue tomorrow.


Pooch, Beth, Bailey and I all went to the dog park. Diohgé found a new dog to stalk and he was on him like glue.


Off to bed!

227.365.2013 Packing Up

I leave tomorrow to go visit the fam. It’s been a long time! Sam turns 4 this weekend so I’m excited to party with him. Notice what I brought for myself and the rest of the suitcase…


Pooch wasn’t very happy with the suitcase coming out. He wouldn’t look at me and blocked my exit path.


On our jog tonight I saw some of my favorite summer flowers. Black Eyed Susan’s? Sunflowers? They look the same to me.