We left IN to head home for MN today but made a quick pit stop at Papa Ron’s to help with a phone issue. This ice sculpture was out front… Loved it!


Then my favorite gift this Christmas was a new camera from Dave! A Polaroid z340… Old style prints, but is also digital! It’s just something fun to play with… Well, the power cord didn’t work. So PhotoJoJo being so magical shipped me a whole new camera and even gift wrapped it. Amaze-balls!



I’m in San Fran again this week to help with our new store opening. The store looks so great! But I am more excited about the opportunity I had tonight to join a photo walk hosted by PhotoJoJo.

First, PJJ is an amazing online blog and camera store where you can buy gadgets, gizmos and just fun toys. They are based here and I’ve purchased a ton of stuff from them.

Second, in case you don’t know, a photo walk is where you meet up with some other photographers and take some shots. Of the group… Of what’s around you… Of what captures your eye. So fun to meet new people and see their creativity unleashed.

Here are some of my shots. Sorry for the Instagram photo bomb. 🙂

– Grab some goodies to sample from the PhotoJoJo bag:


– Testing the macro cell phone lens which quickly became my fav. This is a brick wall. (I know how excited you are…)


– Lots of these guys around. This one wanted to pose for me.


– Korean Sailors came around and several shots ensued.


– Algae (??) up close… With the macro.


– Small flower with the macro. I love the buds.


– Sun starting to set. No fires, no barbecues.


– Another of the sea gull


– Sunset with the Golden Gate Bridge


– Anchors Away!


– Not my photo, but a partial group shot! (By @jsterne33)


An amazing adventure!!

Day 222

Multi Lens!? iPhone Style


I might have purchased other goodies from the Photojojo. Oops. They might have been some “cell phone jellys” that take different styles of photos. One might have been a “6 image gel” that is kind of like a fun house mirror. Does that make sense?

So, seeing that today is day 222, this was appropriate.

Photo taken with: iPhone 4

Day 221

New Toys!

The New Toys... A Rainbow of Fun

Regular - No Change

With Orange Filter on the Flash

With Orange Filter on the Lens

I bought these color chips from my favorite photo junkie website, Photojojo. They were a super sweet cheap deal ($15!)… I received them today and wanted to play around. Essentially, you choose what color you want and hold the color chip up to your lens or your flash… That’s it! I did a quick experiment outside which you see above.

I’m excited to work with these pups on the white snow. 🙂

Photos taken with: Nikon D700, Nikon 50mm f/1.8