345.365.2013 The View

I love the views in my life… Seeing beautiful things. I think that 3 years of photo blogging has given me the chance to see things in different ways.

The view of the Bay as we left today… Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, Downtown San Fran and the fog.


The view when I got home… Our new couch! And the boys too, of course.


344.365.2013 San Francisco!!

I love this city… And traveling here for work on the fancy jet. I mean, what is there to complain about!?

The trip out was mostly snow until about the last 30 mins of the trip.


The most beautiful store I’ve ever visited for the view… Seeing the bay and the bridge… Amazing!


Then tonight we had a couple of hours to wander downtown. I REALLY love this city and finally got to see it decorated for the Holiday.



I love sharing photos of the pooch… Here’s one I shared tonight!


164.365.2013 Relaxing

Today might have been one of the better days… We woke up, ate some breakfast and then headed to the spa for massages. The nice thing about the spa is that you have access to the whirlpool, showers and sauna all day. Amazing!


We relaxed before and after the massages. Then we headed back to our room, packed up and headed out. The drive back was gorgeous… 80 degrees, windows down, flowers or vineyards at every pass. It was also nice and relaxing because we left so early and gave ourselves plenty of time.


On the way, we stopped for lunch at In & Out Burger, Dave’s first time. Delicious! He loved it too… Then we went to the Golden Gate Bridge for some quick photos.


Now we are sitting at the airport where my balsamic jelly was confiscated by TSA. Bastards.

But I’m excited to go home and see this boy!



One more trip this month and then a break until November. A quick jet out to the west coast to visit our two newest CityTargets. They looked fantastic and the CEO loved them!

Sunrise from the plane…


Sunset from my hotel room…