Today was nice and relaxing… And I even got some stuff done! I paid bills, did laundry and cleaned the bar room. Then I hunkered down for a day of TV and wine.

I hung up my new gift from my aunt in the bar. How cool is this!


The pooch and I were playing. He knew I was hiding his toy and wasn’t happy.


Tonight we all had a frosty treat.


And all day I felt the need to wear my hat from Ireland.



Haircut day! It was soooo long. So happy to have it cleaned up. (And meet Elizabeth!)


The dog park has been awfully muddy these past few days as the snow is melting. We needed to wash down the pup tonight as he was spreading mud on the walls. He does NOT like baths. Here’s his look when he heard the bath water turn on… And then he tried to quickly leave.


Atleast he’s clean!