Today was the birthday celebration for my nephew Max… He’s turning one tomorrow!


We played together some and he said “Da” while pointing at me… So smart.


Then we had a family exercise session. My sister complained of not being on the blog.


And of course Miss Layla resting after a long day of barking.


Day 183

My Lovely Sister…

Home Base

My sister commented the other day that she hasn’t been on my blog yet. However, she was… for her anniversary. 🙂  Either way, I saved this post for my half way mark. Yes! Today is half way through a year of photos… I’ve had alot of fun so far, learned alot and pushed myself out of my boundaries. But talk about someone who does that more…

My sister is amazing. Period. She has a 2 year old and a 10 month old… she works in Labor & Delivery at Mt. Carmel and has been the one that has helped keep everything going since we found out dad had cancer. She went to the DRs appointments to help ask the right questions, made sure that when mom couldn’t drive that they had a ride or just brought the kids up to cheer up Nammie and PeePaw.

For the past two weeks she has been here with the kids. She’s helped with administering meds, sitting with dad, making meals, cleaning up or just ensuring that we’ve all had fun. Today the kids were really cranky and she realized that they have a virus. Her first thought was not to stay where she’d have more help, but to leave and go home so that the kids wouldn’t annoy dad while he’s sleeping.

After putting them down for a nap, she still made a huge dinner and cleaned up around the house. When they woke up, they only wanted “home base” and she gladly plays that role. I didn’t realize that you can’t even go to the bathroom with two children on your hips. 🙂

To Sara: Your strength and courage keep us all motivated day to day. Smile always for your kids, even when its hard to do. They’ll never forget and we won’t either.

Photo taken with: iPhone 4