40.365.2014 The Feast

Dave and I went out and about today. We ended up visiting Crate & Barrel and experienced a Verismo Starbucks. Mine was pretty good, but Dave’s latte was no good.


We went to brunch with Russ & Trevor and caught up since we went to Florida. It was a blast!

This afternoon we went to Matthew & Beth’s for the feast. Essentially, Matthew decided to buy some groupons and then make a dinner out of them. Ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, soup (Beth made), and princess cake. So good. So full.

And the pooches had a great day playing. Now they are pooped!



We went to visit the Halls of Mankato today (old friends from Columbus/college). The kids and Diohgé had a great time playing chase…. As long as he had a stick, he would run all day. 🙂




And of course, I got to meet Miss Katelyn…


Oh! And I had my first fall Starbucks drink… Salted Caramel Mocha. Yum.



I feel very productive today, the second day of my week long Staycation.

– Dog Park
– Grocery Shopping
– Cleaned fruits and veggies
– Brought in the wine barrel as a table to the bat
– Cleaned up the wine collection
– Cooking chicken on the grill
– Treated myself to a BOGO Frappuccino… Banana Cream Pie! (Found the recipe online)