286.365.2013 Friends & Fun

‘Merica! A day if shooting and fun with friends. I went out to the MN Horse and Hunt Club where we got a groupon to shoot some clays and have lunch. Had a blast! Especially watching Matthew and Craig battle for the final score…


When I came home pooch and I took a nice long nap. Ahhhh… I needed that rest.


Pooch and I went in a long walk around the neighborhood… Probably our last before we move! So I took him out to the bluff and let him run around some.


And then to wrap up the weekend, we went over to Mark & Meghann’s for a vertical wine tasting and some dinner. Both of their parents were there to help with the move and we had a great time.



I’m off to Ohio today for Max’s first birthday. The pooch wasn’t too happy this morning when I left.


The view of the sunset and clouds were great as we were descending tonight.


I got to have a great dinner tonight with a good friend who recently moved to Columbus. And now I’m resting at mom’s.