341.365.2013 Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s here!! Thanksgiving and the kick off to the Black Friday weekend!!

We started off by commissioning our new Nespresso. Ben stopped by to try some as well. It was easy and delicious!


Then we got ready and headed over to the Kemmetmueller’s for dinner. We had a blast with them and their family. Dave left a special present for them (sliced off a chunk of his finger!). Diohgé had a great time with Bailey and really enjoyed a Thanksgiving bone.




Now on to the shopping and observing!

– Walmart: disaster as always.
– Best Buy: fairly organized. I was impressed. I might even go back and get some delights…
– Target: Very organized outside and I got to see some friends! The inside was all well organized and moving quickly.


Now some after shopping treats.


336.365.2013 Suite Life

I love the perks of the job… Tonight I got some tickets to the Timberwolves suite with co-workers and also brought MMZ & C. It was a fun time!


Unfortunately, Zar-Bar wasn’t feeling well so we took off to get her some medication and sleep.


When I got home, the pooch was excited to have some play time.


And I was excited to enjoy a nice glass of wine.

317.365.2013 Ft. Myers!!

So, several months ago we won a condo at a charity auction. And by won, we bid with another friend and paid for it. But it was a super cheap deal. I had buyers remorse for the first 30 days and then I really forgot about it. Today? Best. Purchase. Ever!!

The condo is amazing… 4 bedrooms, pool and hot tub on a screened-in porch… Grill… Audi convertible to drive… Gated community… Ridiculous! And we’re here to relax for the week.

Some shots of the trip:



After we arrived and scouted out the place, we went to Target for a massive grocery shop. Somehow we managed to fit two carts into the trunk of the Audi convertible.


And here’s a shot of the living and doing room. I’ll share more throughout the week.


We saw two service dogs just kickin it in first class today. Maybe something for Diohgé to consider?


284.365.2013 New Mexico, et al

I took a quick little jet trip to New Mexico today. The jet itself was a gulfstream 5 and was amazing inside… 12 seats, kitchenette, wifi. Just fun!

Sunrise leaving MSP.


As we arrived in Albuquerque, we found out this week was the hot air balloon festival. It was amazing… Hundreds of them in the air. You can barely see the two black dots in the sky.


After the travel back, we enjoyed dinner tonight with the Kemmetmuellers. We retired to their abode to visit with Bailey. She was very happy to see us all.


And I found this delight on canvas in their home! Superheroes!


And of course Diohgé wanted to play ball. Shocking.