We left IN to head home for MN today but made a quick pit stop at Papa Ron’s to help with a phone issue. This ice sculpture was out front… Loved it!


Then my favorite gift this Christmas was a new camera from Dave! A Polaroid z340… Old style prints, but is also digital! It’s just something fun to play with… Well, the power cord didn’t work. So PhotoJoJo being so magical shipped me a whole new camera and even gift wrapped it. Amaze-balls!



We started out today celebrating Christmas with the Mesarch family. Enjoyed a good breakfast, saw the sister & Fam and then headed out on the 5 hour drive to Ohio.

Mesarch Family Tree


Driving with the folks that help me stay awake. (Kidding)


Sommer Family Tree


Santa is not getting by this one.


Merry Christmas Eve!!

Day 352

I got two text this AM already asking my why 365 wasn’t posted. Yes, mother and sister… I’m okay. I took my photos, but we had a long day (as you will see below) and then got a little “into” playing Angry Birds. Those damn pigs just won’t die.

Anywhoo… Had a great day yesterday starting with a massage. 🙂 Then we headed out for some Christmas shopping at the MOA. Now, why we went to the MOA on the Saturday before Christmas? I have no idea… ask Dave. It’s his fault. But we did enjoy a nice dinner at the Twin City Grille for his birthday (September), but we never had the chance to do it.

Dave enjoying the caramel drizzle from his beverage

The most amazing banana cream pie EVER.

Christmas Tree at the MOA

Old Navy Light Display... Pretty Cool.

The Kid's Santa Letters! (I'm now Santa, clearly.)

Photos taken with:  iPhone 4.