226.365.2013 Hooky!

I played hooky today! It was nice… I got to sleep in a bit and make myself an omelet. Then Dave and I headed to the Twins game. It was gorgeous out… A lot of nice sun and some fun snacks. 🙂



Then we ran some errands, hit the Twin Cities Grille for dinner and picked up the pooch from daycare. He and his dad took a little nap and I went for a small treadmill run.


Ahh! Now for some Candy Crush.

181.365.2013 Summer is Beautiful

Today was gorgeous! The weather was amazing and everything was beautiful. We went to a parade and the Twins game with friends…



The pooch had a long day too. Day care said he was quite cuddly. He came home and slept the rest of the day.



First Twins game of the season!! A win, beautiful weather and a great friend! What more could I ask for?


Well, marriage equality is one thing! So excited that Minnesota decided to be state 12 to give all persons the freedom to love.

And speaking of love… This boy turns 3 tomorrow! And I love him so much.