18.365.2014 Iron Chef

I had a really fun day! I woke up to the sound of a neighbor snow blowing. So I got up, had some coffee and then headed out to snow blow our drive way. I also did the driveways of two other neighbors who have helped us in the past. That felt good! The pooch watched me from his perch the entire time.


Then I went out for a haircut and grocery shopping. This evening we headed over to the King’s for our Iron Chef dinner. They made an amazing braised chicken.


And of course I had some yummy wine. It was a great time with friends and we had a great day!


343.365.2013 Call Me Betty Crocker

I got so much done today!! First, I officially visited two stores with a local leader. Great visits and a great conversation.

Then I bought our second Christmas tree and hunted down some candy chocolate. When I got home, it was time for business. First, Dave left for a photo job. The pooch always knows to watch us leave from his special window.


Then I cleaned up the garage and the yard before heading inside to make some delights. Easier than I thought!


PS, they are delicious.

Then I started decorating for the Holiday. All done except for actually decorating the two trees. Tomorrow!


Now it’s time to relax with some popcorn and wine. Well, it was time.


320.365.2013 Long, Relaxing Days

We woke up super early today to catch the sunrise off the beach. We stopped at McDonalds to get some energy and the headed to the park. It was early, but very peaceful and beautiful!


We came back and took naps before our massages. And we were all glad we scheduled massages. So exciting! Afterwards, we just relaxed at the house with an afternoon of naps, computers and pool time.

All day we had been cooking a crock pot delight and it was amazing with the wine we paired. Spicy dinner and sweet sparkling wine. Yum!


This evening, we enjoyed some beverages while playing a little card game. We went through the whole deck!!


I miss my pooch.