This morning I headed out to visit some stores with the Group Dorector in this area. We hit 3 in the Cleveland market and will hit two more tomorrow.

I’m glad I brought this laptop with me. Normally, I don’t do work at home or when I travel but it’s been crazy busy. Without this, I would be so stressed out right now. It’s the little things.


Of course, I needed to face time with the pooch tonight. It’s almost been a week!



This morning we had a bright and early interview schedule for some eager interns. It’s one of my favorite days of the year! We also had the chance to visit with some of our full time hires… Great to see them again!


Then I drove up to Columbus and had some “me” time at the North Market… Ice cream, beer, laptop. What could be better?


And I had dinner with an old friend . (And by old, I mean he is OLD.)


And of course, a pic for Mary of my poochy pup.



A had a fun day today heading down to Oxford to start a quick recruiting trip. On the way I passed Kings Island and thought of all the memories from high school and youth group. Do you all remember!?


Then as I was visiting some stores today, I found my famous artwork!! Last year, I submitted some photos to our internal design team and 2 were selected. I know now that atleast 1 got through the final stage! Here’s my photo on a shirt! Sold at Target!!


And the pooch got home from his stint in daycare. (Not my shot.)



Last day with the kiddos. We started out at church and then went to the in-laws for another birthday party. After some delicious tacos, I headed out to the outlet mall for one last glance. 🙂

Tonight, the kids came over for some dinner and play time. They were a lot of fun! Maggie showing me how to do a headstand.


Sam playing ball.


Max running away!


And my doggie. (Taken by Dave.)