Day 58

Self Portrait Fun


Hello Self...

Dave and I were helping a friend out with a photo shoot… I decided to set up the camera on the tripod and have some fun with self-portraits. It was alot harder than I thought! ¬†Self-timer, get the position right, zoom correctly, lighting right and then smile! And then do it again… and again… and again. So why not upload atleast TWO!

Photos taken with: Nikon D700, 50mm f/1.8

Day 57

Yeah, you might see alot of her this week…

One focus...

She is so fun… As soon as I got home, she immediately found the ball and ran outside. The rest of the night… One focus in mind. I was able to hold the ball in front of her, take a ton of shots to get these 4. I’m not sure that I ever have this much focus in life. I want something so bad that I’m willing to sit and wait patiently for it? Is that good? Or bad?

Photo taken with: iPhone 3GS, processed with myPB2.1 (Photobooth)

Day 56

Ahh, sweet wine.

Look at those legs!

My friend Jean invited me to join her for a wine tasting. She’s a member of the local Wine Club… SO MUCH FUN! We got to try 6 wines (5 reds) for free! I love red wines… and they continued to get better and better. Crackers, cheese, fruit… This was truly fun! Needless to say, I might have purchased a couple of bottles and might be joining said local wine club very soon.

Cheers Jean!

Photo taken with: iPhone 3GS

Day 55

She’s Back!

All tuckered...

And she’s all tuckered out. Bailey’s here! She is staying for the next 10 days while Joe and Julie are on vacation. We are very excited. She’s already worn out from playing ball and rope. But don’t worry… she’ll be back out it tomorrow. Or in like 10 minutes.

Photo taken with: Nikon D70, Tamron 28-300 VR