We had a great dinner tonight with some good friends. I forgot to take a photo. 😦 But the lasagna was yummy and the homemade sea salt caramel ice cream was DIVINE.

Diohgé has recently discovered bone marrow from the butcher. He LOVES them and takes a good hour hiding it all over the house. We can ear him digging upstairs (moving laundry and blankets around) to bury it. Then he eats it for hours.



Another amazingly gorgeous day… 80+ degrees and beautiful skies. The pooch enjoyed some time at the park. He was tired from yesterday so there was a lot of resting.


Tonight we met up with Matthew “The Body” for his birthday and played some Whirlyball. So. Much. Fun! I remember playing in Detroit, but this is the first place in the Cities.


Now… Game of Thrones.


Today was a gorgeous day outside. We finally hit 70° in Minnesota. I couldn’t be more happy about the weather. So I took advantage of going outside by attending a couple of happy hours. Then we ended up at some friends for a dinner party. We had a great time, great food and great wine.


Then we came home to this boy.