Yeah!! We are finally home! Today was a long day of travel. We woke up at 6 am Dublin time which is 12 am central. So after a lengthy wait at the airport and a 7 hour flight, we made it to NYC.

Business class was great! I watched a movie, had some wine… Ate a lot of food.


So happy to finally see North America!


Then we had a 3 hour layover in NYC and sat in the Sky Lounge soaking up the wifi and biscotti cookies. We loaded onto the plane old school style.


We landed in MSP early and got a ride from Matthew “The Body” (thanks!) and also found a little surprise waiting for us from Shammie.


And of course, the best part of the day was being reunited with this pooch! (Thanks to Cara and Becca for watching him!) When he saw us, he jumped up an down on us for like 3 minutes… So cute.


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